Business Lunch Deals

Business Lunch Deals

The business lunch menu includes one soft drink: orange, lemonade, or grapefruit:


Miso soup / Soup of the day / Green salad with a Japanese herb sauce / Cold soba salad / Edamame

Salmon / vegetarian roll – extra 

Samba Break

Brazilian kebabs - yogurt, yuzu, chimichurri rice 

Crispy chicken - spicy crema, baby greens and yuzu

Japanese schnitzel - rice, egg, green onions, seaweed nori sauce, tempura 

Udon chicken - teriyaki / tom yam sauce, seasonal vegetables 

Udon tofu - Tozzo sauce, seasonal vegetables 

Chicken livers - wasabi mashed potatoes, balsamic – teriyaki sauce

Vegetarian Sushi Samba - 15 sushi pieces – chosen by the chef 

Chicken salad with miso - wasabi sauce, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, Parmesan cheese and croutons 

Sandwich – schnitzel, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, spicy mayonnaise 

Sandwich – Japanese barbecue chicken, Japanese pickles, rocket leaves, onion confit and spicy mayonnaise 

Sandwich - yasai - antipasti, pesto and mozzarella cheese

Sandwiches are available with ciabatta / full grain bread, and are served with one additional side

Samba Plate

Teriyaki Salmon - Seared salmon fillet alla plancha, 160 g 

Samba Sliders – two mini burgers, 140 g premium Golan Heights entrecote 

Udon shrimps - onions, carrots, zucchini, hijiki, tom yam sauce 

Churassco Sandwich - entrecote, Japanese pesto, grilled tomatoes and onions with aji Amarillo dressing

Chicken Teriyaki 

Sushi Samba - 6 salmon avocado rolls, 3 tuna rolls, 3 vegetable rolls (+NIS 6 ) 
Anticuchos - aji Amarillo chicken, teriyaki chicken livers , miso salmon

Served with a choice of two sides

Samba plate

Samba Sashimi - 10 pieces – the chef's choice 

Sea bream fillet - alla plancha – tozzezzo pepper sauce 

Fillet of cod with miso sauce 

Entrecote 300 g 

Served with a choice of two sides - Swiss chard, chips, mashed peppers, Tozzezzo pepper rice


Edamame - fresh soy beans, sea salt, and lemon 18

Tempura green beans with soy and garlic vinaigrette 20

15% discount from 12:00 to 18:00, Sunday to Thursday

Small plates:

Seaweed Salad 48
Hijiki, wakame, kombu, ponzu, and lemon

Churassco Salad 50
Sirloin, aji Amarillo - herbs, baby leaves, piquillo pepper, and toasted almonds 

Samba Pizza 40
Tortilla, salmon, red onions, hearts of palm, Kalamata olives, jalapeno, mozzarella, and Japanese mayonnaise

Crispy Rock 48
Spicy shrimp crema, baby greens and yuzu

Warm calamari salad 46
Oyster mushrooms, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and yuzu

Tuna Tataki 54
Ponzu, Japanese mushrooms, organic tomatoes, kombu seaweed 

Ceviche 44
Yellowtail ginger - garlic yuzu, red onions and celery

Tiradito Peruvian style
sea fish 48

Vegetable and shrimp tempura 48

15% discount from 12:00 to 18:00,Sunday to Thursday

Sushi Roll:

Pecania roll 52
Tempura roll, sirloin tartar, ginger, kanpyo, oshinko, mayonnaise aji Amarillo

Okinawa roll 52
Tempura roll, calamari, shrimp, oshinko, wasabi mayonnaise

Samba Roll TLV 54
Tataki tuna, green beans, tomatoes, arugula, spicy chili sauce

Rainbow 56
Tuna, kurodai, salmon, eel, crab, avocado, cucumber, black sesame sauce

Capoeira roll 54
Soft-shell crab, avocado, Boston lettuce, green onions, smoked jalapeno crema 

Mamushi 56
Salmon in a soy marinade, tempura flakes, asparagus, avocado, tobiko

El Topo 52
Salmon, jalapeno, red onions, melted mozzarella cheese, spicy Japanese mayonnaise, onion chips

Neo Tokyo 62
Tuna, tempura flakes, spicy Japanese mayonnaise and aji panca 

Maya Dragon 62
Eel, shrimps, cucumber, avocado, black sesame

Bo-Bo Brasil 48
Beef fillet tataki, asparagus, avocado, cashew sauce

Coco Shrimp Roll 52
Shrimps tempura, avocado, coconut panko, barbecue mayonnaise sauce

Yasai 40
Asparagus, avocado, oshinko, lettuce, kanpyo, cucumber, soy sheet 

15% discount from 12:00 to 18:00,Sunday to Thursday